Tristan Tyler Ass Fucked By His Friend Chase

This is another great set where we find sexy twink porn star Tristan on the receiving end of the cock, and he is clearly enjoying it as his friend Chase really lets him have it in his ass.   Tristan Tyler is both a bottom and a top depending on the day and who his partner is, so when Chase wanted to explore his ass for a while, Tristan was totally up for it.   The anal sex action in this set from BFCollection is intense!

Chase & Tristan Tyler Kissing

Chase and his friend Tristan Tyler are engaged in a deep long kiss which gets both of them hard.  When a man gets hard, he must be released, and that’s what these boys do for each other.

Tristan Tyler Blowing Chase

Look at Tristan working Chase’s hard cock right to the back of his throat as he engages in some great head.

Chase Pounding Tristan Tyler

Get that ass Chase!  With one hand on the wall, and the other on Chase’s bare ass, Tristan is wanting that cock deeper and deeper up in his tight asshole.  After riding Chase’s cock in many great positions, its time to bust a nut, and these two jerk each other off as they each jizz all over each others stomachs!

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  1. linda says:

    Tristan Tyler Ass Fucked By His Friend Chase

    Good choice of video, but I think the blog post could have been given a more imaginative title. I mean, c’mon, you might as well just give it a number. To be sure, we DO see exactly what is promised, and for that one should be grateful, I suppose.
    But is it really the best way to ‘sell’ the product? Honesty, though laudable, isn’t always the best advertising strategy. Like when you walk into McDonalds and order the double cheeseburger…you order after looking at the menu that shows the burger all tall and juicy, perfectly constructed and expertly photographed. What you get is a soggy flattened hockey puck in a cheap cardboard box. But everyone is in on the joke, except maybe for Micheal Douglas, but then his character William Foster had issues that went way beyond his demand for truth in advertising.
    I notice a certain crudity in porn, especially when it comes to the written descriptions of scenes, and the titles the scenes are often given. Even in the names of the sites themselves. I can understand this approach for certain sites, sites that go for the home-made look. The product, being crude itself, is perhaps well served by descriptions and reviews that sound as if they were written by folks unfamiliar with words containing more than two syllables.

    But many sites that put out a quality product, and have obviously invested in the sets, the equipment, the models, etc, also employ this rather neanderthal tendency when it comes to the written word. There’s a lot of good erotic writing out there, and it would be refreshing to see some of that talent brought into the porn world.
    The “ass fucking” aside though, I like the scenes Tristan did with Chase. They’re both very good looking, and go well together. Also, Chase is a very nice guy..:-)
    Ok, so perhaps I’m biased. Maybe that’s why the half-assed description bothers me…I think these guys deserve better.

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